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After the Reflection #1 episode, we are back with a brand new episode this Wednesday.

Have you ever thought (let’s get real, have you ever obsessed) over the impermanence of so many things in life? Anything from ending a bowl of cereal to not knowing when you’re going to see someone who means so much to you again… or even if you’re going to see them again.

This episode was really enjoyable, because it got deep in all the types of impermanence. I really feel that it’s important to be mindful of those around us. I don’t mean that in a bullshit flitty way, but in a way that acknowledges the effect and impact we have on others’ lives. How do you acknowledge those you come into contact with? Do you facilitate a connection?

As international teachers, we meet so many people, and we may not share the same language or values or culture. Still, these are real people no matter to what extent you are able to successfully communicate with them.

Our guest for this episode, Annaj, has been internationally teaching for 8 years and has gone through loss, hardships and exciting experiences. I really appreciate the romantic hope and joyful outlook she has on life. We recorded this in her apartment. Once I got there, she was cooking away (with some veganistic options for me, so sweet) and we laughed about Gary Vaynerchuk’s intense nature and quotes and videos and talked about social media in general.

Moving on, we got into a deep conversation that has some funny sounds in the background (none of which were planned, but that’s life). We went from goodbyes to sexcapades to communicating with people from other cultures to mental health and counselling, leaving impressions and being mindful of what mark we leave on this earth.

I hope you like this episode.


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