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As the year is coming to a close, I’m transitioning for getting into some more summer-themed episodes for July and August – BUT, something I find interesting is Classroom Management – people’s ideologies about it, different methods, opinions, all that!

This guest, Sideshow Bob (a lady), someone who has been working in what she calls a “rowdy culture” for a few years now. CLUE about her identity: The nickname has something to do with her awesome hair.

SO – Classroom Management is the topic of discussion this week, on Not Your Teacher PodcastSide Show Bob is the guest authority this week, as she works within a place that has “rowdy culture”. I find her to be truly inspirational, as she is not one of those teachers who come off as a total dick to keep her class in check, but she is approachable and friendly and still gets (what I interpret to be) total respect from colleagues, students and administration. I have worked within the “rowdy culture” that she speaks of , and I had sooo much trouble dealing with behaviour, respect, bribery, anger, etc. it was a time!

Some Key Take-Aways from the episode:

– Setting the Foundation for Your Classroom Community

– Sideshow Bob’s Stages of Addressing Classroom Disruptions (really cool progression which I intend to use)

– Building Relationships with Students

– Discussing Not Your Teacher and Side Show Bob’s experiences

Continually develop with us, as we grow and change with the times so that we’re equipped to deal! There are a lot of hot tips on Classroom Management that I believe can be translated to your classroom, wherever you are in the world.

Out of Context, Impactful Quote: “You’ve never tried everything…” When I asked Sideshow Bob about the best advice she’d ever been given, she broke out this quote someone told her. A lil’ context (paraphrased): a lot of the time, people say “I’ve tried EVERYTHING…” but they really haven’t. It’s hard to get to a state of mind where you feel enough clarity and insight to assess the situation you are dealing with, without the help of psychedelic drugs. With that said, keeping this quote in mind, I feel that it helps give perspective and motivation in the way that you should not give up, whether it be conflicts with your students, colleagues or something getting in the way of your goals.

For a lot of us, the end of the school year has already occurred! For others, keep on managing that classroom and I hope you feel pride at the end of that home stretch.

Lots of love and profanities,

Not Your Teacher

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