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Drunkisode #1: Worklationships

For this episode, we decided to do something different. I had one of my good friends (Social Butterfly), who I will be working with next year, come on the podcast and do the first drunkisode. Partly why I wanted to do this was because a) it made him want to be on the show b) it removed inhibitions that some guests have had, while we want an uncensored experience for our listeners.

It started out as a joke when I asked Social Butterfly to be on the show as a “drunkisode” and for it to be called “worklationships” – an epsiode where we drink and talk about relationships at work. However, this joke turned into a real thing.

I am pleased with the end result, as some great conversation, funny stories, and really insightful quotes about teaching and education in general came as a result.

This episode in it’s full-length is 1 hour and 26 minutes. I cut it down to 40 and intend to release the extended version in the near future.

Let me take you to the behind the scenes of this episode…

I had the incense burning, the mics set up purposefully on either side of my coffee table, the curtains drawn as the midday light shone in to my old as hell apartment (old as hell in a beautiful way, think like colonial-style). The smoke from the incense billowed up into the high-arched ceiling of the living room and danced with the remaining sunlight of the day, twisting and curling playfully with with the energy of the space.

As I heard the knock at the door, my heart jumped with excitement – it was time to try and make a focused and coherent, yet borderline belligerent and uncensored episode of the podcast that had just made #1 on the New & Noteworthy K-12 > Education podcasts, a list that I have read is crucial to the success of any new podcast. Of course, with this in mind, I thought – “shit, I hope that people don’t totally hate this and think I’m selling out… I wonder if I’ll lose listeners to this… I wonder how long it’s going to take to edit this… I wonder if any of this conversation will be usable or understandable…”

Social Butterfly was at the door beaming with his usual boisterous energy, holding 2 bottles of cheap liquor and one can of beer. I cringed looking at what he brought thinking of how disgusting and strong that would taste. My reaction made him grin even wider as I welcomed him in the home.

“Duuuude”, he exclaimed, as I led him up the stairs to see my apartment for the first time (I swear, we’re friends). The high rise ceiling of the living room is definitely the selling point, with the art-deco type bathroom with checkered tiles sending you on a sober trip coming in at a close second. It’s what they call a “historical” building, and has so much character and space for as big a city as the one I live in (I wish I could tell you). This is what $2000 a month rent gets you – international teachers really get a sweet deal, seeing as I don’t pay for any of it. He looked around, opening cupboards and inspecting the rooms, asking if it “was alright” as he was already doing so.

After he had given himself the grand tour, we sat comfortably in the living room, with the after-scent of the incense settling amongst the objects in the room. I could tell he was a bit anxious, in a good way, and that only made me all the more excited for this.

“What should we start with?” he said, gesturing to the bottles he brought.

“None of them.” I said, cringing again at the thought of doing any shots or drinking liquor. I had bought some champagne (cuz celebration) and red wine as per his request, so we had more than enough party favors to make this a true drunkisode.

After recording the champagne bottle “pop” and laughing hysterically as it ricocheted off of the ceiling and landed somewhere in the apartment, we started to talk for a bit. I had to make sure he understood the energy I was going for, the subject matter, the vision I have for this podcast, and ultimately, make him comfortable and in his best state of mind for this conversation.

Once we had been talking and laughing for long enough, I asked if he was ready for us to record. He gulped and nodded. Now I was getting the pre-show jitters thanks to him being seemingly anxious (he’s the type of guy who literally does not give a fuck). But like most things in my life, I jumped the fuck in and just did it anyway.

I came in too hot at first and we had to restart, I was too personal and irreverent right away… and so we started again. We got into a great flow, and after what felt like 4 bathroom breaks (for him), we had realized it had nearly been an hour and a half.

As we closed out the recording, we were both quite excited. Some of the shit he said was just so good! He genuinely made me laugh, made me think about my own views on education, and we had fun. A big part of the recording, I forgot – we both seemed to forget what we said, but we knew we closed the show feeling good about it. Drunkisode.

After this, we went to a local hole-in-the-wall restaurant to rehydrate (with water) and soak up some of the liquor we guzzled down.

Now, I’m not someone who wants to promote alcoholism, and it is not a “new format” of the podcast, it’s just something we tried and it may happen again, may not. It was fun and gave a different uninhibited perspective to the show, as I’m trying to explore the truth behind all of us educators worldwide.

I hope you like it, and let me know what you think!

Not Your Teacher

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