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Classroom Management

As the year is coming to a close, I’m transitioning for getting into some more summer-themed episodes for July and August – BUT, something I find interesting is Classroom Management – people’s ideologies about it, different methods, opinions, all that!

This guest, Sideshow Bob (a lady), someone who has been working in what she calls a “rowdy culture” for a few years now. CLUE about her identity: The nickname has something to do with her awesome hair.

SO – Classroom Management is the topic of discussion this week, on Not Your Teacher PodcastSide Show Bob is the guest authority this week, as she works within a place that has “rowdy culture”. I find her to be truly inspirational, as she is not one of those teachers who come off as a total dick to keep her class in check, but she is approachable and friendly and still gets (what I interpret to be) total respect from colleagues, students and administration. I have worked within the “rowdy culture” that she speaks of , and I had sooo much trouble dealing with behaviour, respect, bribery, anger, etc. it was a time!

Some Key Take-Aways from the episode:

– Setting the Foundation for Your Classroom Community

– Sideshow Bob’s Stages of Addressing Classroom Disruptions (really cool progression which I intend to use)

– Building Relationships with Students

– Discussing Not Your Teacher and Side Show Bob’s experiences

Continually develop with us, as we grow and change with the times so that we’re equipped to deal! There are a lot of hot tips on Classroom Management that I believe can be translated to your classroom, wherever you are in the world.

Out of Context, Impactful Quote: “You’ve never tried everything…” When I asked Sideshow Bob about the best advice she’d ever been given, she broke out this quote someone told her. A lil’ context (paraphrased): a lot of the time, people say “I’ve tried EVERYTHING…” but they really haven’t. It’s hard to get to a state of mind where you feel enough clarity and insight to assess the situation you are dealing with, without the help of psychedelic drugs. With that said, keeping this quote in mind, I feel that it helps give perspective and motivation in the way that you should not give up, whether it be conflicts with your students, colleagues or something getting in the way of your goals.

For a lot of us, the end of the school year has already occurred! For others, keep on managing that classroom and I hope you feel pride at the end of that home stretch.

Lots of love and profanities,

Not Your Teacher

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Drunkisode #1: Worklationships

For this episode, we decided to do something different. I had one of my good friends (Social Butterfly), who I will be working with next year, come on the podcast and do the first drunkisode. Partly why I wanted to do this was because a) it made him want to be on the show b) it removed inhibitions that some guests have had, while we want an uncensored experience for our listeners.

It started out as a joke when I asked Social Butterfly to be on the show as a “drunkisode” and for it to be called “worklationships” – an epsiode where we drink and talk about relationships at work. However, this joke turned into a real thing.

I am pleased with the end result, as some great conversation, funny stories, and really insightful quotes about teaching and education in general came as a result.

This episode in it’s full-length is 1 hour and 26 minutes. I cut it down to 40 and intend to release the extended version in the near future.

Let me take you to the behind the scenes of this episode…

I had the incense burning, the mics set up purposefully on either side of my coffee table, the curtains drawn as the midday light shone in to my old as hell apartment (old as hell in a beautiful way, think like colonial-style). The smoke from the incense billowed up into the high-arched ceiling of the living room and danced with the remaining sunlight of the day, twisting and curling playfully with with the energy of the space.

As I heard the knock at the door, my heart jumped with excitement – it was time to try and make a focused and coherent, yet borderline belligerent and uncensored episode of the podcast that had just made #1 on the New & Noteworthy K-12 > Education podcasts, a list that I have read is crucial to the success of any new podcast. Of course, with this in mind, I thought – “shit, I hope that people don’t totally hate this and think I’m selling out… I wonder if I’ll lose listeners to this… I wonder how long it’s going to take to edit this… I wonder if any of this conversation will be usable or understandable…”

Social Butterfly was at the door beaming with his usual boisterous energy, holding 2 bottles of cheap liquor and one can of beer. I cringed looking at what he brought thinking of how disgusting and strong that would taste. My reaction made him grin even wider as I welcomed him in the home.

“Duuuude”, he exclaimed, as I led him up the stairs to see my apartment for the first time (I swear, we’re friends). The high rise ceiling of the living room is definitely the selling point, with the art-deco type bathroom with checkered tiles sending you on a sober trip coming in at a close second. It’s what they call a “historical” building, and has so much character and space for as big a city as the one I live in (I wish I could tell you). This is what $2000 a month rent gets you – international teachers really get a sweet deal, seeing as I don’t pay for any of it. He looked around, opening cupboards and inspecting the rooms, asking if it “was alright” as he was already doing so.

After he had given himself the grand tour, we sat comfortably in the living room, with the after-scent of the incense settling amongst the objects in the room. I could tell he was a bit anxious, in a good way, and that only made me all the more excited for this.

“What should we start with?” he said, gesturing to the bottles he brought.

“None of them.” I said, cringing again at the thought of doing any shots or drinking liquor. I had bought some champagne (cuz celebration) and red wine as per his request, so we had more than enough party favors to make this a true drunkisode.

After recording the champagne bottle “pop” and laughing hysterically as it ricocheted off of the ceiling and landed somewhere in the apartment, we started to talk for a bit. I had to make sure he understood the energy I was going for, the subject matter, the vision I have for this podcast, and ultimately, make him comfortable and in his best state of mind for this conversation.

Once we had been talking and laughing for long enough, I asked if he was ready for us to record. He gulped and nodded. Now I was getting the pre-show jitters thanks to him being seemingly anxious (he’s the type of guy who literally does not give a fuck). But like most things in my life, I jumped the fuck in and just did it anyway.

I came in too hot at first and we had to restart, I was too personal and irreverent right away… and so we started again. We got into a great flow, and after what felt like 4 bathroom breaks (for him), we had realized it had nearly been an hour and a half.

As we closed out the recording, we were both quite excited. Some of the shit he said was just so good! He genuinely made me laugh, made me think about my own views on education, and we had fun. A big part of the recording, I forgot – we both seemed to forget what we said, but we knew we closed the show feeling good about it. Drunkisode.

After this, we went to a local hole-in-the-wall restaurant to rehydrate (with water) and soak up some of the liquor we guzzled down.

Now, I’m not someone who wants to promote alcoholism, and it is not a “new format” of the podcast, it’s just something we tried and it may happen again, may not. It was fun and gave a different uninhibited perspective to the show, as I’m trying to explore the truth behind all of us educators worldwide.

I hope you like it, and let me know what you think!

Not Your Teacher


After the Reflection #1 episode, we are back with a brand new episode this Wednesday.

Have you ever thought (let’s get real, have you ever obsessed) over the impermanence of so many things in life? Anything from ending a bowl of cereal to not knowing when you’re going to see someone who means so much to you again… or even if you’re going to see them again.

This episode was really enjoyable, because it got deep in all the types of impermanence. I really feel that it’s important to be mindful of those around us. I don’t mean that in a bullshit flitty way, but in a way that acknowledges the effect and impact we have on others’ lives. How do you acknowledge those you come into contact with? Do you facilitate a connection?

As international teachers, we meet so many people, and we may not share the same language or values or culture. Still, these are real people no matter to what extent you are able to successfully communicate with them.

Our guest for this episode, Annaj, has been internationally teaching for 8 years and has gone through loss, hardships and exciting experiences. I really appreciate the romantic hope and joyful outlook she has on life. We recorded this in her apartment. Once I got there, she was cooking away (with some veganistic options for me, so sweet) and we laughed about Gary Vaynerchuk’s intense nature and quotes and videos and talked about social media in general.

Moving on, we got into a deep conversation that has some funny sounds in the background (none of which were planned, but that’s life). We went from goodbyes to sexcapades to communicating with people from other cultures to mental health and counselling, leaving impressions and being mindful of what mark we leave on this earth.

I hope you like this episode.


Not Your Teacher

Drama Education

Have you every toyed with the idea of using drama in your classroom? Putting on a show? Are you a budding drama practitioner? This week’s episode explores the use of drama in education.

With a drama teacher, Mediterranean Mama, we look into directing, exploring social issues (such as bullying and suicide), and even the image a drama teacher has.


  1. Talking with a fellow theatre arts teacher was nice to geek out on drama stuff.
  2. The way that drama comes so naturally to humans and is useful in any subject just warms my heart.
  3. Recognizing current issues that our students deal with is important – unstigmatize the taboo! (yes, I know that’s not a word at the moment)

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All the best,

Not Your Teacher


This week’s episode explores ideas about parenting – how does parenting affect us as adults and educators, how does it influence our students, how does it shape the nature of our communication?

With a seasoned counselor, Mr. Rodgers, we look into attachment styles, what it would take to make us a parent (cuz we’re not), and a few other topics concerning parenting.

Listen and tell your friends to listen too!


Not Your Teacher

Teaching as a Second or New Career (TSNC)

This week’s episode is quite unique – mostly because we have our first male guest of ever! Pirate! He has had 4 different careers and now he is a substitute becoming a full-time teacher, internationally. He is a huge advocate of international teaching, and cites things like: the savings potential, opportunity to work and travel, and the transient nature of this lifestyle.

We talk about Pirate’s past work experiences, views on issues in international education, and more.


Not every school you find internationally is going to be amazing, so do your research and ask around. Obviously maybe not obviously, look on their website, look up reviews, ask people who work there, see how long they stay, whatever else etc. If you don’t inquire, you might end up stuck at a bad place. Just FYI.


  1. IB stands for International Baccalaureate – it’s the curriculum framework / brand of schools that a lot of international schools work with
  2. The whole “If you’re not having the time of your life, then fuck you” mantra and message that is repeated from the guest – take it light heartedly, he really just means enjoy your life or fix it so that you do enjoy it!


I was trying to say who a guest speaker from a speech on modern education looked like – I said Michael McDonald, but I meant Donald Sutherland. Just to clear that up.

Please rate, review, subscribe, TELL YOUR FRIENDS. We are growing steadily and I thank you all so much for that.


Not Your Teacher


Things get a little more serious and sentimental in this episode, where I talk to a veteran counsellor, Homesick, who has moved all the way from her home and family in the USA across the world to satisfy the curiosity she had for international education. I didn’t even swear that much or use a lot of crass humor, I’m impressed.


  1. Firstly, I love Homesick’s stories and wisdom she has about education – I hope you’ll take away a few things from her.
  2. I don’t know if it’s because she’s a counsellor, but I felt really calm and chill during the recording of this episode – which makes for a (hopefully) smooth and flowing episode for you!
  3. Homesick is someone who is unapologetically herself, and I admire that and the fact that she left her family to do something she needed to do – I hope she inspires you to consider taking risks in order to grow and challenge yourself.


I’m lucky enough that I got started teaching internationally from the start of my career, I can only imagine what it feels like to have worked at only 2 schools within miles of each other for over 30 years! However, I kind of find myself toying with the idea of “going back home”, simply because of family and friends.

However to that though, I love the transient and free nature of being a nomadic traveller. It’s been quite sometime since I’ve felt at home when I go home. That might sound weird but it’s just a sort of reverse culture-shock feeling when I go back. I feel at home and comfortable when I’m unaware of my surroundings. I guess I’m just a freakish millennial sun-child of the earth. Or is anyone else with me?

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Andddd thank you everyone for showing that there is an audience that is building up! We just peaked in downloads again this week and the ratings on iTunes are looking pretty good. People don’t really listen on Spotify – whatever.

All my best,

Not Your Teacher


It’s so important (to me, at least) that we stay as healthy as we can. Feel good; look good; be good. And, it all starts with health. So, I reconnected with the same guest from the “Sexual Orientation” episode, Best Hire, to talk about Health. This is in a quite general sense of taking care of oneself and being well.

It seems that the first thing teachers let slip is their own care. We have tonnes of students to care for, plenty of administrators and family members to please and love, it’s a selfless career that we’ve taken on. However, I believe that it’s so important to take care of yourself and listen to what your body is saying – otherwise you’re basically a wet nap. When you’re all dried up and out of use, you’re thrown in the trash bin. Sorry to get dark, I just want you to take care! I’m a culprit of not doing this, myself.


Favorites from this episode include:

  1. Just having the same guest from the first episode back, which was so fun again.
  2. Talking about health and having some fun outtakes that I’ll release in a later episode or as bonus material. Gave me some cool ideas for content to share with all of you soon.
  3. The energy of this episode made it really fun to record, as well as edit.
  4. Most importantly, the fact that there are some really cool and doable tips for all of us to be healthier in the episode.


I’m not shaming anyone when I say teacher bodies in the episode. I feel that if I didn’t teach or do all the extra-curricular things I do, including this podcast, I’d have the time to just have the hottest body ever and be healthy as fuck. However, I’d have no money, because you become skilled in what you do, and I’ve been doing teaching for too long to be able to branch out into something else – and I don’t really want to. Teacher bodies are just the bodies we have from not being supermodels. We have so much shit to deal with at all times, it makes sense that our bods slip and we become little cute donut holes.

But anyway, teacher bods are just that look like “hey, this is my body now, I don’t really work out or have a thyroid problem, but it’s not the healthiest pear-shape”. I hope you know what I mean and the fact that I mean no harm or offense, but let’s blame it on the catering. A lot of our events and staff meetings just have unhealthy things like sugar and carbs. Then, when we are bored or tired at said meetings, it makes sense that we mindlessly munch on what we are given. To add on top of that, at least me personally, am pretty zonked at the end of the day so I don’t exactly feel like running a half marathon by the time I get out of school.

And after that too, I don’t know everyone’s life, and I’m not trying to be insensitive. My weight has fluctuated forever and I feel like everyone has an eating disorder of some sort, so just remember that. I’m not being judgmental at all.


I have some apps on my phone, such as Daily Workouts (this is not a sponsored post lol) where I can have 5, 8 or 10 minute workouts that require no equipment and fit it in to my day at some point. Skipping (or jump rope) is also something I like because I can do it for 10-15 minutes and break a sweat without taking a huge chunk of my day or travelling to the gym. Other than that, eating fruits and vegetables more than anything else helps.

Tell me my dear peeps! What do you do to maintain your health? What are your current issues you have with your health? Did I piss anyone off? How so?

Keep being your beautiful selves inside and inside out! I hope you are either well or soon on the mend!

Not Your Teacher

Student Agency

So, when my guest of this episode, Plant Lady, said that this was a topic she’d love to discuss and felt passionate about, I immediately thought of James Bond and students as professional spies. I was wrong, and realized that it’s actually something I feature in my classes from time to time.

I really love how, in this episode, she explains ways in which she implements student agency in her own classroom and also is so modest to say she is not an expert. You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out what it actually is – or maybe I was the only one who hadn’t heard of item #132093353 of the arsenal our teacher vocabulary and acronyms. She’s definitely a badass and someone you can learn a few things from.


Some of my favorite parts of the episode:

  1. That it was recorded in her cute, cozy, little downtown loft.
  2. The way that I learned about not only strategies I can use in my classes, but also about some Oscar movies to lookout for.
  3. Our discussion about “dabbling” which (the word) she said a lot, and negative people, which I feel is an issue that needs to be addressed and abolished!
  4. A chance to chill and relax with this lady. We seriously had a whole podcast episode of a discussion before we even began recording.


About negative people… she mentions in the episode that it is one of her current frustrations. I have to say I agree. I totally understand that we have times where we’re like “yeh, this totally sucks… oh I hate the way that this was carried out”, but, it’s one of my goals to be mindful of it and to not feed into it.

It can be so addictive to be down on others and talk shit about things, which is terrible. One of my past therapists told me “the greatest way people can bond is when they talk shit about someone”, I don’t know why I quoted that… that was probably the loosest paraphrase I’ve ever done. But anyway, I think that when we are negative about others, it just says that we’re bored in whatever we are doing.

My advice to all of you and myself is to remember that, and say to yourself, “If I can’t say/do something constructive to/for the person/situation I’m being negative about…” – then shut up, recollect, and figure out how you can be a positive force in the matter OR work towards more productive goals. Regardless of the fact that most of us are teachers, more importantly we are humans and would not want people to be gossipping about us or hating on us – we shouldn’t either.


A recurring motif of this episode is “dabbling”, the guest said it a million times and I think that it is great to dabble. However, if you find that you are trying out a tonne of things without seeing them to completion or jumping on to the next thing, please reconsider. I’ve recently read somewhere (I forget) that it’s something like the “shiny objects syndrome”, we start things because we are creative and awesome, but then find something new. I’m a culprit of this, and it’s something I’m really trying to fix in my life.

Tell dear people, what are you currently dabbling in? What is your advice on working dealing with negative people?

Thank you for listening, reading and supporting. You’re the best.


Not Your Teacher

Speech Language Pathology with EALs

SLP with EALs is the acronym of this episode. Damn, we just have so many acronyms and terms in our profession, I feel like I only remember 20% or less. I loved talking about this topic with Lianga (sp? probably) because it’s something she’s so passionate about and skilled in, plus she has this Disney Princess voice that I want to fucking steal like I’m Ursula, I swear.


Some of my favorites of this particular episode:

  1. How articulate and clear she was in explaining her thoughts and tips for this – go figure – she’s a Speech and Language Pathologist.
  2. Just the way that her voice is so calming and nice to listen to – it almost makes me feel like every teacher should have a cool, well-trained voice as a prerequisite.
  3. How we talk about inclusion, which I’m really into. Inclusivity eliminates bullying, my people!
  4. The playfulness. I may have forgotten her alias at the beginning, but it was a good icebreaker in the end.

Talk to me – what do you think we need to do to implement inclusion in our own teachings? What did you learn from this episode and what do you want to know more about in relation to Speech Therapy and English as an Additional Language?


Not Your Teacher

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