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Student Agency

So, when my guest of this episode, Plant Lady, said that this was a topic she’d love to discuss and felt passionate about, I immediately thought of James Bond and students as professional spies. I was wrong, and realized that it’s actually something I feature in my classes from time to time.

I really love how, in this episode, she explains ways in which she implements student agency in her own classroom and also is so modest to say she is not an expert. You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out what it actually is – or maybe I was the only one who hadn’t heard of item #132093353 of the arsenal our teacher vocabulary and acronyms. She’s definitely a badass and someone you can learn a few things from.


Some of my favorite parts of the episode:

  1. That it was recorded in her cute, cozy, little downtown loft.
  2. The way that I learned about not only strategies I can use in my classes, but also about some Oscar movies to lookout for.
  3. Our discussion about “dabbling” which (the word) she said a lot, and negative people, which I feel is an issue that needs to be addressed and abolished!
  4. A chance to chill and relax with this lady. We seriously had a whole podcast episode of a discussion before we even began recording.


About negative people… she mentions in the episode that it is one of her current frustrations. I have to say I agree. I totally understand that we have times where we’re like “yeh, this totally sucks… oh I hate the way that this was carried out”, but, it’s one of my goals to be mindful of it and to not feed into it.

It can be so addictive to be down on others and talk shit about things, which is terrible. One of my past therapists told me “the greatest way people can bond is when they talk shit about someone”, I don’t know why I quoted that… that was probably the loosest paraphrase I’ve ever done. But anyway, I think that when we are negative about others, it just says that we’re bored in whatever we are doing.

My advice to all of you and myself is to remember that, and say to yourself, “If I can’t say/do something constructive to/for the person/situation I’m being negative about…” – then shut up, recollect, and figure out how you can be a positive force in the matter OR work towards more productive goals. Regardless of the fact that most of us are teachers, more importantly we are humans and would not want people to be gossipping about us or hating on us – we shouldn’t either.


A recurring motif of this episode is “dabbling”, the guest said it a million times and I think that it is great to dabble. However, if you find that you are trying out a tonne of things without seeing them to completion or jumping on to the next thing, please reconsider. I’ve recently read somewhere (I forget) that it’s something like the “shiny objects syndrome”, we start things because we are creative and awesome, but then find something new. I’m a culprit of this, and it’s something I’m really trying to fix in my life.

Tell dear people, what are you currently dabbling in? What is your advice on working dealing with negative people?

Thank you for listening, reading and supporting. You’re the best.


Not Your Teacher

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