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Speech Language Pathology with EALs

SLP with EALs is the acronym of this episode. Damn, we just have so many acronyms and terms in our profession, I feel like I only remember 20% or less. I loved talking about this topic with Lianga (sp? probably) because it’s something she’s so passionate about and skilled in, plus she has this Disney Princess voice that I want to fucking steal like I’m Ursula, I swear.


Some of my favorites of this particular episode:

  1. How articulate and clear she was in explaining her thoughts and tips for this – go figure – she’s a Speech and Language Pathologist.
  2. Just the way that her voice is so calming and nice to listen to – it almost makes me feel like every teacher should have a cool, well-trained voice as a prerequisite.
  3. How we talk about inclusion, which I’m really into. Inclusivity eliminates bullying, my people!
  4. The playfulness. I may have forgotten her alias at the beginning, but it was a good icebreaker in the end.

Talk to me – what do you think we need to do to implement inclusion in our own teachings? What did you learn from this episode and what do you want to know more about in relation to Speech Therapy and English as an Additional Language?


Not Your Teacher

Sexual Orientation

When I first started framing questions and thinking about this episode topic, I titled it “Sexuality”. Eventually I realized, I really was trying to explore sexual orientation and how teachers feel about it. So I retitled this and kept the content the same.

We have all heard or maybe experienced stories about teacher’s sexual orientation being exploited or affecting their job security. It might be celebrated in many parts of the world, and legal to be who you are, all the parts of you – however, somehow even in 2019, teachers everyday lives are affected by the simple act of not being heterosexual or for their personal lives becoming the topic of their workplace.

I had the pleasure of having one of my good friends talk to me about this issue. We actually even talked a bit about the Jussie Smollett scandal, which in some ways, made me want to release this earlier, but at the same time, I was a little anxious about what people would say about my thoughts on that. Hey, who knows, it’s never too late for the internet to get mad.

Some of my favorite parts of this episode:

  1. The amount of raw emotion and fearlessness that my guest had in sharing her experiences – things I didn’t even know about her when we have been friends and colleagues for quite some time.
  2. Talking about pop culture and depictions of sexual orientation / sexuality.
  3. Reflecting on how we, as teachers, model and influence student perspectives on aspects of identity – including, but not limited to sexual orientation.
  4. It is just so honest and raw, I want to keep things this way! Authentic. True. Genuine. Words! But, seriously, that’s something I want to keep no matter how long this podcast goes on.


At one point in this episode, I say about guys getting “dick mad”… I just meant that… oh well, never mind. Ask me if you’re wondering about that.

What are your experiences with sexual orientation in the workplace? Have your views evolved over time? How do you advocate for your peers and model for your students?

Let me know what you think of this episode, and keep being yourselves! I can’t wait to hear from you.


Not Your Teacher

Start of the Podcast

So this is the beginning of the podcast journey. Not Your Teacher is a podcast for educators, where we discuss all kinds of things, uncensored. Myself, the host, is “Not Your Teacher”. That’s right, I will be referred to as Not Your Teacher. My guests on the other hand, will come up with their own aliases. Sexypants, Plant Lady, Pirate and Homesick are some of the earlier guests. Remaining anonymous will be enforced in order to keep the uncensored nature and free speech flowing throughout the life of the podcast.

Why am I doing this?
I’ve started this podcast for a few reasons. Including…

1. There isn’t anything like it.

I know there are some teacher podcasts out there, and they’re great. But I’m talking about an uncensored blog for education professionals where we talk about the real stuff that’s on our mind – not just issues in education, but also the things that we’re discouraged to say on our social media accounts or when we are with our colleagues. The things that we feel we have to whisper under our breath, say “in our heads” or wait until we are outside of school in a friend circle that has no connection to our professional lives.

2. I want to give a voice to my community.

You are my people! Around the world, educators share a lot in common, as well as some beautiful differences. Let’s connect! We definitely aren’t perfect, but we shouldn’t suppress what we are thinking and feeling in order to keep up our public image crystal clear. This is where the guise of the podcast comes in. I figured that having conversations with the educators I know from around the world would be a way to give a voice to this part of us that we have to keep hidden from the public.

3. I have it in me.

This is something that I thought I’d like to try one day. I enjoy talking to people and getting to know what’s on their mind, about their backstory and finding a connection. After months of planning, research and actually bringing this project to fruition, I’m extremely excited for you to meet me.

4. I want to positively affect someone’s life.

I do this for the teacher feeling alone in their adventures in education, the person who isn’t supported by their partner, the person who wants to hear different perspectives, the person who is brand new to the game and has just moved their whole life across the world on a whim. I do this for all of you, and I just want to bring something positive and helpful to your life.

5. Podcasts are fun.

I’ve found myself listening to podcasts and audiobooks rather than old music or current pop music, simply because I don’t find it as stimulating. I love hearing different voices and constantly learning new things. Podcasts make it so I actually look forward to my commutes to work or even when I’m waiting for something.


Think of this podcast as an underground forum where we explore teachers as humans. I have had the pleasure of talking to people I know, and people I used to know, about all sorts of things. Student agency, sexual orientation, health, speech therapy, and international teaching have been some of the major highlights so far. Please tell me what kind of topics you’d like me to investigate, or maybe even if you’d like to be a guest on the show.


The standard episodes will go as follows:

  • Theme Song
  • A conversation with a guest (who is an education professional, anything from teachers to counsellors to teachers-in-training) focused on the topic of the episode
  • Other segments – “What Makes You Mad Corner”, “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know (that’s going on in the world”, and rapid fire questions, to name a few) with the guest
  • Outro

*I am currently compiling teacher stories and other content for special episodes.


You’ll notice that I’m developing within my role as a host or “interviewer” throughout these early episodes. To me, it is so exciting, because it’s something I really enjoy – giving a voice to my peers and sharing it with you! I hope you enjoy the progress I make as well as forgive my mistakes. The most important thing is that you’re getting something out of listening to the podcast, whether it be tips, ideas, or even just having someone buzzing in your ears as you go about your day.


What sorts of things would you like to hear? I’m currently interviewing guests, gathering stories and developing new content for all of you. There will continue to be at least one regular episode released each week. Other than that, there’ll be some cool surprises along the way.

Start listening, start commenting, start interacting.

Thanks for the support,

Not Your Teacher

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